More Effective Emergency Management

If there is any sector that could really benefit from having access to a modern gyroplane it’s the emergency management sector.

Often times you are looking at situations where different organisations are trying to manage small to wide scale disasters using finite resources.

What the gyroplane can do in these situations is make the allocation of these resources much more effective by providing an aerial platform that is both powerful in it’s operational ability, yet cheap to operate and can be used to more effectively direct and manage other aerial resources that are available.

A perfect example would be the tragic bushfires of 2009 in Victoria, Australia.

One of the identified problems of this disaster was a lack of effective communication about where the fire was heading and who was going to cut off from any escape routes as a result.

With a cost effective aerial platform like the gyroplane, you can have 5-10 gyroplanes in the air at the same running cost as a single helicopter, with much of the same operational capabilities.

You now have a very powerful aerial observation and communications platform that can help manage the situation.

Outlined below are some specific areas of emergency management where gyroplanes could be used.

Fire Mapping & Communications Platform

When you’re dealing with fires spread across vast areas, accurately mapping the speed and direction of that fire becomes a difficult task.

With modern gyro’s you have the ability to equip them with sophisticated imaging and mapping tools that can transmit data about the movements of the fire front directly to computers on the ground, where the information can then be used to make more informed decisions about what actions need to be taken to save lives.

Fire Fighting Air Attack & Support

When you’re fighting a fire from the air, the effective co-ordination of the available aircraft becomes an important task, and can make the difference between livestock, property and buildings being destroyed or saved.

Because of the low running costs of gyroplanes it becomes very easy to have multiple aircraft up in the area making sure that fire bombing helicopters are delivering their payload to the right areas at the right times.

Search & Rescue

While it’s true that a gyroplane cannot winch someone to safety, they can certainly help in locating that person.

The visibility from a gyroplane is second to none and they have the ability to fly at very low speeds making them the perfect tool for trying to find people that are lost whether it be rock fisherman on the coast or hikers in the bush.

Shark Patrols & Coastal Surveillance

Over the summer months when beaches are crowded with holiday makers, the job of keeping those beaches safe becomes much tougher.

So it only makes sense that the people charged with this responsibility (i.e Surf Lifesaving groups) should be given access to whatever tools are available which can make this job easier.

Gyroplanes have already been trialled in these sort of roles and have proven themselves to be an effective option for patrolling coastlines, and spotting sharks and other potential dangers.