Three Gyroplanes You Can Put To Work

The MTO Sport

Autogyro MTO Sport

  • Open Cockpit Autogyro.
  • Front & Back Seating.
  • Unmatched Visibility.

The Calidus

Autogyro Calidus

  • Fully Enclosed Canopy.
  • High Performance Gyroplane.
  • Flies Faster & Further

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The Cavalon

Autogyro Cavalon

  • New Addition To The Range.
  • Side-By-Side Seating Configuration.
  • More Comfortable Gyro Flying

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What Makes The Gyroplane Ideal For These Roles?


Handles All Weather Conditions With Ease

Modern gyroplanes are well equipped to handle any and all weather conditions.

As a rotary wing aircraft they handle strong winds with ease and are relatively unaffected by turbulence.

The availability of open and closed cockpit models means they can fly in hot and cold weather, wet or dry conditions.

Compatible With Sophisticated Tools

While the gyroplane is a powerful tool when used as factory standard, there are a range of additional pieces of euqipment that can be added on to further enhance their effectiveness.

These range from communications, photography & videography equipment to imaging technology that can map and transmit data directly to computers on the ground in real time.

Relatively Cheap To Buy, Run & Maintain

Traditionally, one of the real barriers to many organisations and departments having access to powerful aerial platforms is the costs of purchase and operation, leaving expensive contractors as the only option in many situations.

With the gyroplane there is now a much cheaper option available for a wide range of tasks and roles, and the gyrocopter training required to learn how to fly them is relatively cheap as well.

Factory Built, Certified Aircraft

While there has never been any doubt about the aviation principles the gyroplane is built around, the aircraft that were previously avaialble were never of a high enough manufacturing stabndard to be consider for anything other than recreational flying.

The modern gyroplane changes all that – they have been tested and certified in both Germany and the U.K and have successfully been used in a range of operations around the globe.

Unparalleled Visibility & Functionality

Obviously when you’re talking about using aircraft for various tasks, many of these are going to be focused on the ability to look down from above – whether it be to locate someone who is lost or just to take some aerial photos.

Modern gyroplanes have better visibility than any other aircraft – you have nothing blocking your view in any direction.

Add to that the ability to safely fly low and at slow speeds and you have an aircraft that offers powerful functionality and capabilities.

Open and Closed Cockpit Aircraft

One of the great things about the gyroplane is that you’re not limited to a single seating or cockpit configuration – you’ve got options.

There are actually three different models available – one open and two closed cockpit gyro’s.

This gives you a much greater ability to choose the aircraft that is going to best match your specific needs, or the needs of your organisation.