The MTO Sport - Visibility Like No Other

The MTO Sport is an open cockpit gyroplane built in Germany by the manufacturer, AutoGyro GmbH.

The predecessor to the MTO Sport was the the MT ’03, which had the distinction of being the first of its type to be certified in the United Kingdom under the BCAR Section T.

This means it successfully passed more stringent testing procedures than any other aircraft of it’s type.

Of the three models of Autogyro available, this one has the best visibility because of the open cockpit design.

This impressive visibility makes it the perfect aircraft for any sort of job that involves surveillance from the air.

The MTO Sport has already been successfully used for a range of commercial applications including:

  • Mustering Stock
  • Beach Patrols
  • Shark Spotting
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Drug Spotting
  • Fire Spotting


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